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Night Nannies- Giving you a Good Night’s Sleep
Newsletter, September 2006

While you probably have a good idea how nannies fill their day you may not have heard of the services provided by Night Nannies.

The working ‘day’ of a Night Nanny usually starts at 9:00 in the evening and goes through until 7:00 the next morning. The duties of a Night Nanny vary greatly and are tailored to suit the needs of each family. They can provide night time care services, enabling parents to take a much needed break from the cries of a new baby, or can teach parents how to establish and maintain settling and sleep routines.

Night Nannies work with all sorts of people and families, from the rich and famous with their enormous houses to normal Aussie families living in the suburbs. The primary objective of a Night Nanny is to help people get a good night’s sleep, for parents trying to cope on two to three hours sleep while continuing to work during the day, a Night Nanny can be a very valuable investment.

Night Nannies provide a range of services including those described above as well as Luxury Overnight Babysitting, Sleep Guidance and Casual Babysitting. All staff are specialised Night Nannies with qualifications in Nursing and Early Childhood Development, staff are also required to have experience working with babies.

Overnight servies start at $185 per night or a 3hr intensive workshop is $90.

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