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Annemarie Sansom


Hi, my name is Annemarie and I am the Client Services director for Night Nannies. I use this blog as a way to give you tips and idea's in all areas of childcare and development.

Posted 03 April 10

Introducing your child to a Babysitter

Author of no cry sleep solution and latest book no cry separation anxiety has created a fantastic video on you tube about introducing your child to a Babysitter. Click on the link or copy and paste the link to watch:

Posted 15 April 10

SPECIALISED SLEEP GUIDANCE COURSE for Nannies and Child care workers Newcastle

Date: Saturday, 26th June 2010

Time: 9am-4pm Cost: $79

This course is for Nannies and Child Care workers wanting to gain additional skills and/or to specialise in Sleep Guidance with the ability to be able to provide consultations to families who are experiencing sleeping difficulties with their children. This is a specialised day of training in how to make positive and effective changes with children’s sleeping patterns in Child Care Centres and home environments. Upon completion of the one day course, you will be eligible to apply for specialised Agency work.

Location: Broadmeadow Hunter Community College (Newcastle)

Enrol here:

Tutor: Night Nannies

There is also a Parent class available on 22 May 2010

Posted 15 April 10

Sleep Guidance course for Parents and Grandparents NEWCASTLE

Night Nannies Say goodnight to sleeplessness with this new course. A program for parents to learn gentle techniques to help babies and children (up to 5 yrs of age) fall asleep with ease. Following a 3 week plan, you’ll be given the tools to establish sleeping patterns and manage difficult bed-time behaviours.

Code: 102SI11 Saturday 22nd May: 10am - 3pm 1 session(s): $69.00 Location: Broadmeadow

Enrole here:

Nanny and Childcare worker Sleep Course available on Sat 26th June

Posted 22 April 10

Substance Found in Breast Milk Kills 40 Types of Cancer Cells

Swedish researchers have discovered that a substance found in human breast milk has the ability to kill cancer cells, according to a study published in the PLoS One Journal.

The substance known as HAMLET (Human Alpha-lactalbumin Made Lethal to Tumor cells), was discovered years ago, but has just recently been tested on humans.

In the trial conducted at Lund University in Sweden, patients suffering from bladder cancer were treated with HAMLET. After each treatment, the patients excreted dead cancer cells in their urine, healthy cells remaining intact.

Previous laboratory experiments showed that HAMLET has the ability to kill 40 different types of cancer cells, but this was the first test conducted on humans. The next step will be to test the substance on skin cancer and brain tumors.

The trial breakthrough increases the hopes that HAMLET will be developed into a cancer treatment medication in the future.

Read more here:

Posted 23 April 10

Introducing Elizabeth Pantleys newest book - The No-Cry Separation Anxiety Solution

A tear-free approach to child separation blues-from the bestselling 'No Cry' author a generation of parents have come to trust Almost every child suffers some sort of anxiety during their first six years of life. Babies cry when grandparents hold them, toddlers cling to mommy's leg, children weep when their parent leaves them at daycare, at school, or to go to work. This can cause frustration and stress in an already too-busy day and can break a parent's heart. Trusted parenting author Elizabeth Pantley brings you another winning no-cry formula that helps you solve these common separation issues. Pantley helps you identify the source of anxiety and offers simple but proven solutions. In this exciting addition to the series, she ingeniously includes a free “magic” bracelet inside the book as a special tool for children to feel close to their parents-even when they're not together. This successful method gives anxious children something to remind them their parents aren't too far away-instantly providing them with the comfort and reassurance they need.

About the Author Elizabeth Pantley is the author of the now-classic baby sleep book, The No-Cry Sleep Solution, as well as other books in the series: The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers and Preschoolers, The No-Cry Potty Training Solution, The No-Cry Discipline Solution, and The No-Cry Nap Solution, along with four other parenting books. She is the president of Better Beginnings, a parent education company, and a regular radio show guest on stations across the U.S. and Canada, as well as a featured expert on a wide variety of parenting websites, such as, as well as her own site, She is in great demand as a keynote speaker at parenting conferences. Her school newsletter, Parent Tips, is distributed nationwide. She is frequently quoted in such magazines as Redbook, Parents, Parenting, American Baby, Woman's Day, Good Housekeeping, Canadian Parents and Today's Parent.

Posted 28 April 10

Sleep and Settling Guidance for Babies and Children (for Parents and Grandparents) CENTRAL COAST

“It’s time for bed” can mean hours of stress and disruption for families with babies or children who won’t settle at night. Are you looking for new skills and techniques in Sleep Guidance for babies and children? Help Parents and children get into better sleeping patterns and routine. Learn gentle techniques to help babies and children (up to five years of age) fall asleep with ease. Following a 3 week plan, you’ll be given the tools to establish sleeping patterns and manage difficult bed-time behaviours. Please bring your lunch.

Tutor: Night Nannies


E607B 1 session – Sat 8th May, 10am – 3pm

Fee: $99 Inc GST

Posted 28 April 10

What is Reflux

We would like to introduce you to RISA the Reflux infant support Association. www, This is a fantastic National support website and Association for Parents and carers of children with reflux. Loads of information, resources and support. Night Nannies supports RISA.


Reflux commonly presents with vomiting or posseting; however, there are many other signs that infants and children can present with. Some babies reflux without it coming out of their mouths (termed silent reflux). The term ‘silent reflux’ can be confusing, because silence is generally not one of the signs they exhibit.

The list below gives a general overview of some of the signs that may be displayed. A child with reflux will not necessarily display all of them, and the number of signs exhibited does not indicate the severity of their ‘reflux’.

Also, reflux can improve or worsen for a variety of reasons (sometimes for no apparent reason), and a child can have good and bad days or weeks. Signs and symptoms can also depend on the age of the child – this may partly relate to the fact that older children can describe their symptoms whereas younger children cannot.

There are other signs your child may display as well. If you suspect your child may have reflux (either gastro-oesophageal reflux or gastro-oesophageal reflux disease), or have any concerns, it is important to discuss this with your child’s doctor or child health nurse. Reflux is not the only cause of these signs, and there can be other reasons for their issues or behaviour. Healthy infants can also reflux at times.

Infants under the age of 2 years

* Irritability, excessive crying or screaming * Vomiting, posseting or regurgitation * Appearing to be in pain * Recurrent hiccups * ‘Wet’ burp or hiccups * Congestion, ‘snuffling’ or appearing to have a cold * Bad or sour smelling breath * Feeding issues o displaying a fear of food or unwillingness to eat o pulling away and arching their back o crying during or after feeds o refusal to feed or only taking a small amount despite being hungry o comfort feeding- wanting to feed frequently o gagging/spluttering o difficulty swallowing * Sleeping issues o catnapping during the day o frequent night waking (though some refluxers do sleep well at night) o easily disturbed from sleep * Hoarse voice * Repeated coughing or wheezing * Weight issues e.g. inadequate weight gain, weight loss or excessive weight gain * Wheezing/coughing * Frequent red throat, with infection not necessarily a factor * Recurrent chest, ear, throat or sinus infections * Drooling or excessive salivation (known in medical circles as waterbrash) * Dental erosion/decay * Gagging themselves (using their hand/fist/fingers)

Older Children

Signs and symptoms can change as children get older. While older children/teenagers may have some of the previously listed signs and symptoms, they may also suffer from –

* Nausea, vomiting * Heartburn, pain or discomfort in their chest or abdomen * Feeling of a lump in their throat, frequent throat clearing * Bitter or sour taste in their mouth * Behavioural issues * Sleeping issues e.g. insomnia, night waking * Eating issues e.g. fussy eating or constant grazing

In our regular Newsletter you will find: • Information of Sandifers Syndrome and Silent Reflux • Centrelink guide to payments • More information about GP's • Food Allergy Chat • Peta share's her reflux journey with us all • We have another "Dad's Story" • Check out this quarters "Member in profile" • See who WON the two competition 's • Smile at our RISA Kids photo page • Read our fantastic article from Night Nannies

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